Our first film, Invisible: Diaries of New York’s Homeless Youth
garnered an Emmy Nomination, from the New York Chapter of National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, in 2011.


About the Project

Each year, up to 2.8 million young people experience homelessness. But most homeless youth are “invisible” to Americans—they don’t sleep on the streets or beg for change. Instead, they are on the move—couch-surfing, living in and out of shelters and trading favors for a place to sleep. Emmy-nominated news reporter Chris Glorioso co-produced the film Invisible: Diaries of New York’s Homeless Youth with seven homeless youth currently enrolled in programs at the Reciprocity Foundation—a New York City-based agency that helps homeless youth to transform their lives.

In this mini-documentary film, five homeless youth reveal the true stories of how they became homeless and what they are doing to transform their lives. Each youth reveals a different side of homelessness—Dorian is an AIDS orphan, Aaron was incarcerated and Eleet became homeless after openly identifying as a transgender female. Told in sequence, each of the five portraits reveal the enormous courage required for homeless youth to break the cycle of poverty and to pursue their life dreams—of becoming media activists, fashion designers and music producers—despite the significant obstacles they face.

Invisible challenges audiences to re-think their definition of homelessness and to expand their views about what homeless youth can accomplish. The film will be screened at homeless and social service agencies across the U.S.—to encourage homeless agencies and institutions to adopt more innovative, holistic and creative programs to support homeless youth in America.

Download the film screening discussion guide

Chris Glorioso (Director, Producer)
Adam Bucko (Co-Director, Producer)
Lysette Horne (Youth Co-Producer, Co-Writer)
Selassie Samuel (Youth Co-Producer, Co-Writer)
Eleet Lucheonnie (Youth Co-Producer, Co-Writer)
Aaron McBride (Youth Co-Producer, Co-Writer)
Dorian Paat (Youth Co-Producer, Co-Writer)
Bobby Beavers (Youth Co-Producer)
Jennifer Carter(Youth Co-Producer)