Community Acupuncture


Every Wednesday, we offer Full Body Acupuncture from 4 pm to 7 pm.  Every Thursday, we offer ear acupuncture from 4-7.

Using tiny needles or beads, a licensed acupuncturist or NADA (National Assn of Detox Acupuncture) specialist will offer a 45 minute treatment designed to clear energetic blocks, reduce stress/anxiety and promote sleep.  All sessions take place in our large healing space, where a group of 4-6 people receive treatments in the same room.  Our licensed specialists can treat any physical, mental and emotional imbalances while our NADA specialists focus on detox and ending addiction.  

Qualify for Free Treatments if: 

·        you are homeless and living in the shelter/foster care system (proof of residence in shelter);

·        you identify as LGBTQ and are unemployed (proof of unemployment);

·        you are struggling with a long term illness and unable to work (proof of LT disability);

·        you are an unemployed Veteran (proof of service);

·        you are a single parent and you qualify for food stamps (proof of qualification),

·         you are a new or undocumented immigrant and unemployed (confirmation by case/social worker).

Qualify for Low Cost Treatments ($20/session minimum) if:

·         you receive public assistance;

·         you have immigration-related expenses;

·         you are an elder with limited financial support;

·         you are an unpaid community organizer working for underserved communities;

·         you are a returning citizen who has been denied work due to incarceration history;

·         you are a student with high debt loads.

Full Cost Treatments ($100/session) if you want to support our nonprofit.

We charge $20 for each cancellation w/o 24 hours notice.  1 treatment/week max. 2nd service must be paid for.


151 W19th Street, Suite 1101
New York, New York County 10011