Therapy & Health Coaching


Every Monday and Thursday, we offer Mindfulness-Based Therapy, Spiritual Counseling & Health Coaching sessions from 1 pm to 5 pm.

Our team of coaches have trained extensively in Health Coaching (Institute of Integrative Nutrition/IIN), Life Coaching (Omega Institute) and Spiritual Counseling (One Spirit, Barbara Brennan).  We offer 45 minute Health Coaching sessions for individuals to jump-start their health, food and fitness goals.  Alternatively, we offer 45 minute therapeutic counseling sessions for dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, anger, PTSD, grief and managing physical pain/illness.  

Qualify for Free Treatments if: 

·        you are homeless and living in the shelter/foster care system (proof of residence in shelter);

·        you identify as LGBTQ and are unemployed (proof of unemployment);

·        you are struggling with a long term illness and unable to work (proof of LT disability);

·        you are an unemployed Veteran (proof of service);

·        you are a single parent and you qualify for food stamps (proof of qualification),

·         you are a new or undocumented immigrant and unemployed (confirmation by case/social worker).

Qualify for Low Cost Treatments ($20/session minimum) if:

·         you receive public assistance;

·         you have immigration-related expenses;

·         you are an elder with limited financial support;

·         you are an unpaid community organizer working for underserved communities;

·         you are a returning citizen who has been denied work due to incarceration history;

·         you are a student with high debt loads.

We charge $20 for each cancellation w/o 24 hours notice.  1 treatment/week max.


151 W19th Street, Suite 1101
New York, New York County 10011