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Welcome to the Reciprocity Foundation.

10th Anniversary Year

Reciprocity’s youth helped to design this extraordinary Meditation Cushion.  The cushions will be available online now!  The cushion is part of our 10th Anniversary Celebration to support mindfulness practice for youth in shelter, foster care and supportive housing by distributing 1,000 meditation cushions and hosting free classes across NYC.   To purchase the cushion, please click here.

Mindfulness Week

For our 10th Anniversary year, the Reciprocity Foundation is hosting a Week of Mindfulness at 40+ sites across NYC.  Vulnerable youth will be able to access free meditation classes and individual coaching to combat the “Winter Blues”–a time ripe for depression, suicide and addiction.  To participate call 646.692.4000 or email ChelseaH@ReciprocityFoundation.org.   

"I’ve watched New York’s most broken youth transform their entire lives through the Reciprocity Foundation’s programs … what Reciprocity does is nothing short of a miracle."
  – Chris Glorioso, Investigative Reporter, WNBC New York
"The Reciprocity Foundation’s founders embody the entrepreneurial spark and caring touch that makes their programs stand out in the sector."
  – Chris Bell, Senior Program Officer, The Pinkerton Foundation


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